My Avatar


Although I have had some sketching experience in the past, I have had very little practice drawing comics/ cartoons, and so I wasn’t sure which style I should choose for my avatar. Ultimately, I decided that as we are in a class that looks at graphic novels, I wanted to challenge myself to draw in a new style. I think that this image represents my personality because it is a little bit quirky and fun. It is also filled with bright and bold colours and my avatar has a massive smile. I always try to get enjoyment out of what I am doing and I’m striving to become bolder and brighter, so I think this image represents me well. This image also speaks to the topic for this class because it is in the style of the novels that we are studying. My avatar is also holding a giant pen; which means to represent drawing and/ or writing (typically associated with an English class). Although the cartoon doesn’t really look like me, I have tried to keep some of my distinctive characteristics, such as my green eyes, and my tendency to wear black trousers. Even though I really enjoyed creating my avatar, I faced some various difficulties in the process. Firstly, I had to practice drawing in this new, unfamiliar style – it took me several practices before I was happy with the result. Secondly, the colours appeared patchy when I scanned in the image, so I had to Photoshop the image once it had been scanned in to try and create the appearance of smoother block colours.



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