Reflection Post for Literacy Narrative

My Literacy Narrative details the turbulent relationship that I have had with reading and writing throughout my life so far. Although I definitely found it hard to remember specific memories that related to reading and writing, I have done my best to pinpoint the pivotal moments from my past.

As part of this Literacy Narrative, we had to brainstorm our ideas on a piece of paper. Physically writing down my ideas, as opposed to just typing them on a Word document, was new to me, but I found it much easier to make links between my ideas, and to add in extra information as I went when I was brainstorming my hand. This meant that when I came to write my actual narrative, I had plenty of ideas laid out and ready to choose from, and so the task of writing a longer narrative wasn’t as daunting to me. This was a refreshing change from what usually happens, whereby I don’t know where to start.

Thinking about my childhood certainly brought back many happy memories, but I found it really hard to condense 19 years of my life into 500 words, and so my literacy narrative is definitely too long. My ideas are also a bit all over the place. I think the best strategy for me will be to write my literacy narrative as a comic, and then re-write my longer written narrative. As a visual learner, I find it easier to condense my ideas when I have to think about drawing them, as opposed to just leaving them as words on a page.

The most interesting sentence in my Literacy Narrative, in my opinion, is “I did well in the classes, because I learnt to write what the teacher wanted to read”. I think this highlights a flaw in the education system that there’s a ‘formula’ to follow to get marks even if individual students could portray their ideas better using another format. I just think that it highlights why I get so frustrated with how traditional English classes are taught in school.

Image credit: “Speech balloons” by Marc Wathieu


One thought on “Reflection Post for Literacy Narrative

  1. I really enjoyed your narrative due to the fact, that you described your experience with reading and writing in very clear and easy way. I really wish I had heard more about your prize for 100 books because I think it is a very interesting point that you made. Additionally, I liked the phrase “Enjoyed text BUT HATED OVERANALYZING” because I always had this feeling at school. One thing that, in my opinion, was similar to the point in my narrative was the fact that you are out of habit.
    For me, the controlling idea of the essay is probably no matter how inspired you are as a child, as you grow up other interesting and engaging activities and lack of free time may just change your habit and make you a passive reader.

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