I initially found it really hard to find an idea that would work for this Sunday Sketch. Most of the objects that I considered using were very big or very small, and I found it hard to either give enough detail or construct a scene large enough to incorporate these objects. I finally decided that I wanted to use my ring, because it was an easy size and shape to work with, and then I designed the rest of the image with the ring in mind. The idea of drawing a guitar formed while I was listening to some acoustic music in my room, and after a few trials, I found a size ratio that worked.

I am pleased with the final image, as I think that the ring is incorporated well into the guitar, however, as the ring’s height is relatively small, it isn’t as easy to pick out my everyday object from the drawing as it is to pick out the objects that Christoph Niemann uses in his Sunday Sketches.

My favorite part of this sketch was coming up with a title. I thought for a long time about mine, but I think that the result is a clever play on words that fits in well with the theme of music.

Link back to prompt – sk3




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