and I was not ashamed.

I couldn’t stop my fantasies,

I loved a terrible thing,

and I was not ashamed.

Sketch 4

As expected, I found this assignment very strange to begin with. The idea of taking words out of a cohesive sentence to create a completely new meaning was really hard for me. I also read the entire original page to begin with, and I think this made the task harder because it was more difficult to isolate the individual words once I had a story associated with them.

I finally decided on the words that I did because they form a twisted, but comprehensible sentence. Although there was a lot of space to be creative, I was also limited by the layout of the page. For example, some of my original plans did not work because the words jumped all over the page and it was impossible to follow. Although my poem is quite basic, I find it quite powerful, and logical to follow.

After deciding on my words, I also found it hard to come up with a picture that complemented the meaning of my new poem. In the end, I decided to focus my picture on the final line of the poem “I will not be ashamed.” and tried to capture someone standing tall and proud. I used watercolor paint to create the visual. I haven’t really worked with any paints before, so this was a new skill for me, but I really liked it.  I can’t explain why I chose the colors that I did, or why I chose to splatter the paint. it just looked bare until I added more color, and so I just kept experimenting until I was happy.

Overall, this was a challenging, but enjoyable task.


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