Esca-pea 1

Esca-pea 2When trying to come up with an idea for my triptych comic, it took me ages to think of something that I was happy with. I had lots of ideas for three-panel narratives, however, it took me a while before I was happy with the final pun. My mother is absolutely crazy with her sayings, and because she visited last weekend, some of her mad lines are still stuck in my head. I think that she probably influenced this triptych a lot. Esca-pea is definitely something that she would say at the dinner table!

Once I had decided on the narrative, I found it quite easy to draw the images. I did a couple of rough sketches before, just so I had an idea of the angles and how I would make it work, but the images are pretty simple. I almost didn’t add colour to my drawings, however, I am glad that I did because I think the second version of my triptych is much brighter and more fun than the second.

Crafting this sort of comic strip was different from other writing I’ve done this semester just because it was so short. For example, my literacy narrative draft was over 1000 words – this has 5 words in it. The triptych is also different because the words do not make sense without the accompanying images. If it was just the text alone, no one would understand the joke, however, if I hadn’t have included a picture of me falling asleep reading a comic in my literacy narrative, the words would still have made sense.

Overall, I enjoyed the limitations of only having three images because it really made me think about the value of everything that I included. I would find it hard to repeat this task again and again though as I think I would run out of ideas.


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