Literacy Narrative Final Draft

Overall, I found that writing my literacy narrative as a comic was much easier, and more enjoyable than writing it as an alphanumeric essay. Although there was a suggested word limit, there were very few other restraints on the written essay, and I found myself including ‘unnecessary’ details, or jumping around in an unchronological order. When I was tasked with adding a visual component, the task suddenly became a lot easier for me. Thinking about representing the details in individual boxes really made me pick out only the most important aspects of my story. I also found it easier to add some details about my life in visual form, rather than using words, and so this made it easier for me too. Analytically, because I knew that I would have to spend a long time drawing out each panel, it forced me to cut down on the amount that I had in my story. In my opinion, this process helped me to make a more organized, entertaining, and concise version of my story. If I was to write every alphanumeric essay with the thought that I would turn it into a comic, I am sure that my original writing would be much better overall. Although it is the same true story, I personally think that my literacy narrative version is much better.

In terms of the choices I made in creating my comic, i tried to create clear visuals, all in the same drawing style, with the text in a similar layout in each panel so that it was easy to follow. If I had more time, I would’ve handwritten the text in my comic, as I think this makes it easier to integrate, but I didn’t think that my handwriting was neat enough, and I kept changing the text I had, so I would’ve had to write it out so many time. I would also have chosen to add more background. At the moment, my visuals are very simple – sort of like Palestine, where there is a main image and then a plain background, but I really liked it in Maus, how there was a busy background which gave you a lot of additional information. In general, I think my drawing abilities were good enough to convey most of the additional information that I wanted to include. Overall, I am quite pleased of my final artifact.

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